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A musicologist becomes obsessed with why Beethoven was compelled to write thirty-three distinct piano variations on a simple theme. Drama, memory and music combine to transport you from present-day New York to nineteenth-century Austria in this extraordinary play about passion, parenthood and the moments of beauty that can transform a life.

Directed by Kathy Paladino

When: Monday, May 20th and Tuesday, May 21st @7pm

Where: Costa Mesa Playhouse

Bring a headshot and resume. Prepare a monologue no more than two minutes. There is some singing in the play, so be prepared to sing something very short. It can be anything.

Download sides here

Callbacks: May 22nd @ 7pm by invitation only.

Rehearsal Schedule: 

First Read-Through: Monday, May 27th

Rehearsals: Mon – Thur (7:00p – 9:30pm);

Saturdays 10:00am – 2:00pm

Performance Dates:  July 12 – August 4, 2024


Dr. Katherine Brandt (late 40’s - early 70’s): A brilliant musicologist who struggles with the debilitating effects of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Through her work, she becomes obsessed with Beethoven’s 33 Variations and the quest to find answers about the work of this great composer. Her quest takes her to Bonn, Germany, to visit the Beethoven Haus during the last several months of her life. 


Clara Brandt (20's to 30's): Katherine’s estranged daughter who struggles to spend time with her mother and provide her with care in the face of her illness. Clara often feels inadequate in her mother’s eyes. 


Mike Clark (20's - 30's): Katherine Brandt’s nurse and love interest for Clara.​


Dr. Gertrude (Gertie) Ladenburger (40's - 60's): The librarian at the Beethoven-Haus who assists Katherine Brandt in her research. She becomes a good friend and confidant to Katherine in the last months of her illness. 


Ludwig van Beethoven (40's - 60's): One of the greatest composers in history, Beethoven becomes obsessed with a mediocre waltz written by Anton Diabelli and composes 33 variations on this waltz at a time when he struggles with his own ill health and hearing loss.


Anton Diabelli (30's - 50's): Music publisher and amateur composer who in 1819 invited 50 European composers to create variations on a waltz he had written. Diabelli finds Beethoven’s obsession with his waltz simultaneously gratifying and exasperating. 


Anton Schindler (30's - 60's): The unpaid secretary of Beethoven who devotes himself to the composer and serves as the mediator between Beethoven and Diabelli.

Our Casting Philosophy

Costa Mesa Playhouse is committed to presenting work that fosters a culture of creativity that represents our community. We seek talent in a thoughtful, inclusive manner rooted in equity and diversity. 

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